User Accounts

All supported users are required to have their own, individual user account.

Each user must log in to their computer with their individual user account as assigned.

Individual user accounts are assigned distinct settings, access to files, email and access to applications.

IT Services provides 2 types of user accounts

  • AD Accounts: Faculty and staff appointments at UB.
  • ITORG Accounts: Student primary affiliation or short term external appointments (consultant, temps, vendors, etc.)
  • ITORG accounts are created based on the UB AD standards convention - DEPT.UBITName.

    DEPT is the unique 4 character identifier used by UB's AD to idenity your department.

    UBITName is assigned automatically by the university accounts system.

IT Services cannot create UBITNames or activate accounts.

Please allow 5 working days for new account setup requests, changes to accounts (access to files and programs, account deletions, distribution list creation and changes, Exchange mailbox creation (Outlook mail), and HUB RSA token installs and resets, etc.)

Requests will be queued for the next Account Services Maintenance Window (normally Wednesdays beginning at 9:00 A.M.). Requests made made after 9:00 A.M. will be queued for the next Account Services Maintenance Window.

Please follow the instructions on our How Do I...? page to request new accounts. Requests for changes to existing accounts or account permissions changes can be made though our normal E-Help system.