How to Set Up Adobe Dreamweaver to Edit the UB Reporter

  1. Add a new remote server to Dreamweaver
    1. In the top command links click Site + Manage Sites
    2. Click new and complete the details.
      1. Use the default settings where possible.
      2. For the server, type in
      3. For Connect Using, you must choose SFTP.
      4. For Root Directory, enter /wings/info/www/ubwww/ubreporter/.
      5. For Web URL, enter
    3. Click OK when done.
  2. Establish a relationship between Excel and the stories.xls spreadsheet
    1. In the top command links click Edit + Preferences.
    2. In Category | File Types / Editors, look for Extension .xls.
      1. If .xls is not in the list, click the + and enter it.
      2. If .xls is in the list, select it.
    3. For Editors, click + and search for the local version of Microsoft Office and select excel.exe.
      Note: Currently that is under C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12.
    4. Click OK when done.


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