Departmental Laptops

Loaner Laptops

IT Services provides laptops for loan to all departmental users. Please go to How Can We Help? to request a laptop on loan.

Departmental Laptops

Departmental laptops for general or shared use amongst staff must be purchased by the department.

Laptops must be a UB 2020 standard laptop and pre-approved by IT Services if they are to be support by IT Services.

It Services will provide support for Departmental Laptops depending on usage and configuration.

Each laptop will be configured based on departmental needs and may have restrictions to network access.

It is not recommended for these laptops to be used by staff in lieu of their workstation as certain access may not be possible.

Departmental laptops will be imaged with UB2020 standard image software and in the event of a hardware or software failure the laptop will be reimaged back to its orignal state. Any additioanl software installed by the department (post image)will not be reinstalled by IT Servicess

Departmental Laptops are usually restricted to Openport and UB Wireless for Internet and network connectivity.

Special use laptops (door locking, event management, Police, etc.) will be allowed for those purposes only and will be approved based on individual needs and usage. Support Level Agreements may be created when necessary.