File Storage and Backups

File Storage

All users are allocated with at least 2 standard network drives, I: and H:.

  • I: is a personal network space. The user is the only person with access to this space. It should only be used for personal files or non-departmental files.
  • H: is a shared departmental network space. Each department has its own space and is only accessible by people assigned to that department. Additional restrictions can be created to further limit file access to smaller groups within a department for specified folders upon request.

All files should be saved to the departmental network drive or the individual, personal drive to ensure files will not be inadvertently lost.

Files saved to the computer's local C: drive will not be backed up and most likely will be lost and not recoverable.

Files should not be saved to the Desktop as they are also susceptible to being lost and not recoverable. They may also increase Log ON and Log Off times.


All network drives are centrally backed up nightly.

To restore a file from the backup, please submit a Request for Assistance for a Problem. Please include in the request the exact location and name of the file or files you wish restored and the date you wish them restored from. Our backup software does not allow us to search for a file name or the contents of the file, so we need to know it's exact name and location in order to restore it.

IT Services does not backup individual computers. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any files saved to a computer's local disk drive (C:) or any removable storage device (DVD's, smart phones, USB flash drives, etc.).